digital training

The digital training of the YOUCREATE project is called “GREATIVE training”. The GREATIVE training course promotes the GReen and cREATIVE skills to build resilient EU projects; and this is how the name of the digital training came out, through the combination of the words, “Green + Creative”.
The digital course cycle is divided into six modules and each module has a different topic.

  1. Environmental issues lead by production, consumption, and resource disposal
  2. The concept of Circular Economy (CE)
  3. A connection between creativity, circularity, and environmentalism
  4. The structure of EU Projects
  5. The context of the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on EU projects, and its positive and negative environmental impacts
  6. A workshop with activities to develop creative skills and new ideas to foster circularity within the EU.

The basic structure of the modules is divided into the following sections:

    • The learning objectives
    • The main curriculum (introduction, theoretical part, and interactive activities)
    • Final quiz
    • Feedback and evaluation
    • Glossary
    • Additional resources and bibliography.