EDUcreateBAG toolbox is an online collection of educational tools aimed at empowering young people and youth workers with educational material, peer-to-peer experiences, and active citizenship encouragement. 

This is a part of the project YOUCREATE, which focuses on fostering circularity through creativity and sustainability leadership.

The resource types used for this collection include audio/visual materials, session outlines, presentations, case studies, exercises, and posters.

Components of the EDUcreateBAG, that you can discover through taking a journey:

Documents: The documents included in EduCreateBag are educational materials that cover a wide range of environmental topics, such as climate change, pollution, conservation, and sustainability. These documents can be used as references for teachers, students, and anyone else interested in learning more about environmental issues and their impacts.

Tools: The tools provided in EduCreateBag are designed to help people understand and address environmental challenges. For example, there are online calculators that help individuals estimate their carbon footprint or track their energy usage. These tools can be valuable in helping people make informed decisions about how to reduce their environmental impact.

Best practices: Finally, EduCreateBag includes best practices that individuals, organizations, and communities can use to improve their environmental impact. These best practices include tips on reducing energy usage, conserving water, or recycling. By following these best practices, people can make a positive difference in their local environment and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Educational sessions: EduCreateBag offers educational sessions that are designed to provide more in-depth learning opportunities. These sessions cover topics such as renewable energy, waste reduction, or ecosystem conservation. They may be delivered online or in person, depending on the needs of the learners.

Benefits of the EDUcreateBAG

Access to a wide range of resources
The EduCreateBag provides diverse resources, including audio-visual materials, training manuals, presentations, case studies, exercises, and posters. These resources are designed to help youth workers develop their skills and knowledge in active citizenship and education.

Enhance your teaching methods
The EduCreateBag offers resources that are specifically designed for youth workers, providing them with the tools they need to teach effectively. These resources can help them develop new teaching methods, adapt to different learning styles, and engage their students in learning process.

Professional development
The EduCreateBag will help youth workers develop their skills and knowledge in active citizenship and education. By using these resources, youth workers can enhance their professional development and become more effective in their roles.

Accessible and user-friendly
The EduCreateBag is easy to navigate and provides accessible, user-friendly resources. Youth workers can access these resources from anywhere, at any time, making it convenient for them to continue their professional development.